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YOU are gifted
(and why you may not have realised it yet…) My love for education and learning began almost 20 years ago Read more
Just be cool
Remember those days when you tried to be cool?  When what the group was doing really mattered? When you tried Read more
Is that a shit-test I smell?
Today I am feeling inspired to share my insights on shit-testing.  We have all done this at times in our Read more
Judgement is a funny old thing isn’t it… we all have our inner critic that we often apply outwardly to Read more
Trust & Let Go – The key to finding your flow
On a recent flight from LA back to London, I got assigned a seat in the middle…. yep full squishy Read more
The ‘F’ word…
I know, this is bold, maybe even uncomfortable for some of you.  But I’m about to drop the F word… Read more
“Excuse me Ma’am… I’m going to need to see your ID”
If, like me, you reside in the 30+ age bracket, you can probably relate to the feeling of satisfaction you Read more
#Toughlife – an honest account of the less glamorous side of travel
Having just landed back in Australia after over a year on the road, this week I felt inspired to write Read more
WORKING HARD OR HARDLY WORKING? (Both are okay, as long as it’s working for you!)
My last few weeks before leaving London were quite frantic – with everything going on with the book, packing up Read more
Shaking off Procrastination… Tips from the former Mayor of Lazy Town
Taking action vs procrastinating is something that comes up time and time again with my clients. I want to tell Read more