Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a life filled with inspiration and ease? Do you settle for the way you think life should be instead of how you truly wish it could be? Maybe you’re feeling stuck or perhaps you have an underlying feeling that something is missing but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is… No matter what is currently showing up in your life, there is a reason why. By guiding you to the root cause and equipping you with the tools to help you heal and move forward, you will get to experience the magic of your life blossoming as a result.

My unique blend of coaching methods work at a profound level to help you bring about real change and transformation in your life – as well as equipping you with the tools and awareness to become the Master of your own destiny. I can support you with the practicalities as well as clearing the mental/emotional/energetic disruptions using the Experiential Healing Method. I wouldn’t use anything on you that I haven’t used on myself 😉 and life for me today is full of excitement, connection, inspiration and happiness!

“One of my greatest passions is to help people just like you allow more JOY and INSPIRATION into your life.”

10 years ago I made the tough decision to step away from my Corporate job and out into the unknown. My intuition had been telling me for a while that this was not the place for me anymore and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  I’m glad I listened and took that first leap of faith. I have taken many leaps of faith since and as a result life has led me to amazing jobs, people, experiences and places all over the world. I feel very honoured to now be helping people just like you make transitions in their lives – whether it’s through jobs, location, relationships or just creating a happier version of you.

My clients are located all over the world, so all sessions are conducted via skype/phone/whatsapp/zoom etc. Get in touch if you would like to book in for a free 20 minute chat to find out more about how I work and if it feels right for you.  I offer one off sessions as well as my 12 week coaching program.



“ My session with Amber was seriously eye-opening. I didn’t know what to expect at all, yet it was so intense that it literally changed my view on current and ongoing events as well as the view on things that have been haunting me for ages.  I am beyond grateful for the experience and am excited for what is to come with my next sessions!” ~ Melanie B, Austria

“Amber’s coaching style is thorough, direct, honest and full of love. She has an incredible ability to sift through your ‘story’ and identify the barriers that are blocking your progress. Amber reflects the blocks back to you with clarity and simplicity in a no-nonsense but loving and empathetic way, thus allowing you to make a plan which is current, relevant and achievable.  Amber’s warmth, sensitivity, great sense of humour and empathy provide a safe place for you to grow and turn your life around in the most efficient way.  Her intuition and knowingness put her in a league of her own! Choosing to work with Amber will be an incredible and life-enhancing experience which will empower you with all the tools you need to live your biggest and best life.” ~ Dr Susan H, Liverpool, UK

“Amber creates a space for open exploration held steadily with warmth and support, and has a knack for guiding you to the real crux of the matter in record time, calling out unhelpful beliefs and patterns in a straight up way.  Her intuition is strong, her methods work and it’s all combined with a light-hearted humour that makes time spent not just worth it, but enjoyable too.” ~ Skye R, London, UK