YOU are gifted

(and why you may not have realised it yet…)

My love for education and learning began almost 20 years ago – when I was still a kid myself.  In the time since, I’ve taught at a University, in Primary schools, businesses, worked as a sports coach, life coach, nannied, tutored, and mentored people of all ages… 

And no this isn’t a post to toot my own horn (that’s coming later 😉).  In all these years of working with a variety of children and adults, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing such diversity of individual gifts and unique abilities/aptitudes. 

I’ve been in a classroom where a 7 year old drew one of the most epically amazing things I’ve ever seen.  I looked at what she created and knew full well that I could probably practice every day for the rest of my life and never get close to being as good as that. 

I’ve met a 10 year old so skilled with a basketball, that he looked as if he’d been born with it in his hands… 

I’ve worked with people that are gifted with music, sports, intellect, technology, artistic creativity, intuition, business acumen, etc. 

And over time I started to notice a pattern… 

Most people, truly underestimate the epic-ness and power of their unique gifts. 

Its not due to modesty.  Well, I mean sometimes it is … the idea that it’s better to downplay our talents than it is to toot our own horns (clearly that memo never passed my desk!) 
But no, it’s more than that… The crazy thing is that most people have no idea just how much of a gift or talent they have … 

But, why? 

:::::::::::::::::::::::::  Because it comes so naturally to them  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 

I’m sure you’ve all had experiences where you’ve seen – let’s just say for example – an artist, complete an incredible piece of work in a short period of time.  You say to them “Wow, that’s amazing, you’re very clever!” 

And then they just shrug and say “Oh thanks, but I just threw this together in a few minutes, it wasn’t hard at all”… 

Well of course it wasn’t hard for you, you artistic genius, because this is your gift! 

So you can see then, because it comes so effortlessly to the artist, he doesn’t appreciate the amazingness of his own ability, and thinks it’s that easy for anyone to do it. But it’s not.

The same can be said for great writers, designers, speakers, entrepreneurs, athletes, number crunchers, programmers, and so on… 

So I invite you now to ask yourself this question… 

What is your unique genius/gift?  Everyone has AT LEAST one.  And if you can’t answer that question straight away, it doesn’t mean you don’t have one – you just haven’t discovered or fully embodied it yet 😉  

Not everyone’s gift is so straight forward or easily categorised like being good at sport or music or art…. 

Here are some examples of the gifts of people I know: 

  • Connection: organisinging amazing events and bringing together awesome like-minded people 
  • Innovation: give them a few months in a new company and they will soon be able to see infinite avenues for growth and expansion they could implement 
  • Engineering: inventing and fixing all things electronic from practically before they could even walk 
  • Intuitive massage: knowing the body so well that they can just ‘feel’ what parts need to be worked on 

Me personally, I have many gifts (toot toot!) – mostly useless and random ones – like if you put a jumbled up 9 letter word in front of me, my brain automatically unscrambles it without me having to consciously think about it … e.g. HUGSIDENT becomes UNSIGHTED quite seamlessly … I know… Very “Rainman” of me… and useful for not much other than my Sunday puzzles (and Countdown buzzer beaters!) 

One day mum said to me “Wow! That’s amazing, I could look at that word for hours and not get it.” 

I was like “well not really, my brain just sort of does it”… And then I remarked about how it’s pretty amazing that she can walk into an old run-down house and instantly see the vision for both the structural and design renovation in her mind’s eye to transform the property into something pretty special.  To which she replied “well yeah, but it’s pretty obvious really” 

No girlfriend, it’s not for most people! 

So anyways, I’m sure you’re getting the point… 

So off you pop now please.  Go spend some time with yourself, figuring out your gifts and unique abilities – these are clues to your Soul’s purpose and can be indicators to what you will gain the most success and enjoyment from in life 😊  

What skills do you have that other people often marvel at? Or what is an area that you have insights on that to you seem so obvious, and yet you can’t understand why it isn’t obvious to others? 

It’s time to start owning your gifts and recognising how they make you the unique and powerful creator that you are.  2020 is not the year to be undervaluing yourself or playing small. 

I’d love to hear some of your unique talents and gifts, so don’t be shy!

4 thoughts on “YOU are gifted”

  1. Brilliant article Amber, can’t wait for the next one. Not sure i have any amazing gifts that are note worthy, i’m just kind of sufficient at everything apart from dealing with spiders. Keep up the good work, i’m stoked to read what you come up with next 😉

    1. Aaron, what about your ability with creating animations? I’ve heard you are exceptionally talented with that 🙂

  2. Great article, Amber! I’m always amazed when people see something brilliant in what I do naturally, like really? you really think it’s good? … and I’m always stumped for words and think but ANYONE can do it! …. so it’s good to ponder on this, thank you! xox

    1. Yes exactly Ro! You are one of those blissfully unaware gifted souls that I am referring to 😉 xxx

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